Sewing Supplies

Sewing supplies

Our stores have everything you need to make and refine your sewing and handicrafts.

Our selection includes:

  • needles for sewing machines and hand-sewing
  • decorative ribbons
  • lace ribbons
  • cords, snap buttons, eyelets, hooks, buckles
  • shoulder pads
  • embroidered appliqués
  • pearls, beads, sequins
  • jewellery accessories
  • accessories for handbags
  • sewing machine accessories
  • sewing scissors
  • textile glues
  • textile paints for dyeing in a washing machine and for hand-dyeing

We sell high quality Swarovski crystals for decorating garments, which are easy to install, for example, by ironing, and which are known for their excellent durability. Our selection also includes Swarovski sew-on crystals and crystal pendants.


We are offering the perfect selection of Coats’ top-quality threads!

Coats, the world’s largest manufacturer of sewing threads, has remained at the forefront of the industry for 250 years. Coats’ threads are used today in all kinds of products, from sports shoes and tea bags to car seat covers and bulletproof vests.

The Coats’ thread selection is available in all our stores. The range is impressive – approximately 400 different colours of polyester thread, as well as special threads for denim, leather, sewing shoes and gloves, quilting, sewing buttonholes, darning socks, etc. We have several different types of metallic threads for making decorative seams, as well as silk and linen yarns. Coats’ sewing threads are of high quality and meet the expectations of even the most demanding seamstress.

Zip fasteners

The bulk of the zippers sold at Kangas & Nööp’s stores are made by COATS OPTI factories, which is the largest zipper manufacturer in the Nordic countries – these zippers are known for their extensive colour range, excellent quality and long service life.


Most of the buttons in our stores come from the German manufacturer DILL.

We try to provide buttons for every taste and need:

  • both classic and trendy buttons;
  • buttons for suits, bridal gowns, festive clothing
  • funny children’s buttons;

A variety of materials are used to make buttons, such as metal, leather, pearl, wood, polyamide, etc. For example, glossy golden buttons are covered with a thin layer of genuine gold, which ensures an elegant look of the product even after long periods of use.

When using buttons made by DILL:

  • you should iron them at medium heat
  • most buttons can withstand dry cleaning
  • you can wash them at 60 degrees, without having to worry that your buttons might melt, give off paint, etc.

We also provide buttons from other European manufacturers from Italy, Denmark and Austria.

Impressive Swarovski crystal buttons from Austria will make any garment festive and glamorous. Crystal buttons are available in different sizes and colours.

Yarns and craft supplies

Kangas & Nööp stores always offer a range of modern, contemporary hued yarns for knitting and crafts from renowned yarn manufacturers such as Steinbach Wolle, Katia, Novita, Anchor, Puppets, Lana Gatto, ALIZE, Bergere de France, Gründl, Regia, Titan Wool and many others. The assortment and colour range of the yarns is updated each spring and autumn season. You will find suitable knitting needles, double-pointed knitting needles, crochet hooks and other craft supplies to go with the yarn. We have yarns to cater for the admirers of both trendy and classic styles.

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