Textiles for Clothing

High quality, personalized textiles for clothing

At Kangas & Nööp clothing stores, we value high quality, a good price/quality ratio and a high proportion of natural fibers in a fabric. Therefore, you will find a variety of fabrics in a wide range of prices, including:

  • Textiles for dresses, blouses, costumes and overcoats
  • Fancy fabrics (lace, tulle, satin, silk, etc.)
  • Fabrics for suits
  • Imitation leather, artificial fur
  • Knitted fabrics (lycra, cotton, viscose, wool, fleece, etc.)
  • National costume fabrics (linen, half linen, 100% wool, etc.)
  • Auxiliary materials (liners, wadding, adhesive fabrics, etc.).
  • Impregnants (waterproofs, sackcloth, etc.)


The fabrics we offer come from well-known European manufacturers from Germany, Italy and Spain; in addition we supply excellent quality/price ratio linen fabric from Belarus, silk from India, etc.

Selection of fabrics


We offer coating of various thicknesses and textures (smooth, raised, booklet), which also contain more precious fibers (angora, alpaca, mohair) in addition to regular lambswool.


Our range includes 100% viscose lining, 100% polyester lining and various mixed liners, stretch liners and knitted liners.


Most knitted fabrics on sale can be stitched at home (overlock or zigzag stitch); we also sell thin viscose and cotton knitwear and thick mixed-wool knitwear, both patterned and single-colored.

Fancy fabrics

The selection of fancy fabrics available is varied and constantly updated; the main materials we offer are lace, silk, satin, velvet, embroidery, pearls and lurex, as well as wedding dress fabrics.

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