Selecting a suitable fabric

When you visit the store, we recommend that you take a sample of the wall paint, wallpaper or a piece of the furniture, fabric or another part of your existing interior which gives your room its look.

Be sure to ask our salespersons and designers; our showrooms and sample curtains will also help you in making your choice.

If you are not sure if the curtains you have chosen are suitable for your home, we strongly recommend that you try and test them beforehand. For a deposit, we loan out samples of fabrics hanging in the curtain wall (deposit = the price of 1 pane).

If a sample of a suitable cloth is not found on the curtain wall, you may buy up to a few dozen centimetres of fabric and compare it to the items in the home interior and the wall. We will lend out samples of fabrics to be ordered for a deposit for 1-3 calendar days.


  • To obtain the right size for a window cover and to calculate the amount of material required, it is necessary to measure:
    -the height of the window A and the width B;
    -the length of the curtain rod (if any) C;
    -the desired curtain length D (measured from curtain rod to desired height; in the absence of a curtain rod, measure from floor to ceiling)
  • Print drawing FROM HERE and mark measurements.


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